Sprayed is the long awaited dream of Artist D’Andre Beasley. As an artist with years of experience in the industry he had decided it was about time to open his own and fill it with like minded individuals who also happen to have diverse styles to offer clients a wide range of specialties. We have created an environment that is welcoming to our diverse clientele, you will find kind and talented artist here waiting to accommodate you and make your artistic dreams come true.

We are a family owned and operated neighborhood shop with only top notch licensed tattoo professionals who are each versatile and experienced in all styles of tattooing. We want every client’s tattoo to tell their stories of personal journeys through the unique artwork on their skin by offering a clean, comfortable environment to provide clients, artists, and guests with a truly memorable tattooing experience. We are passionate and dedicated to the fine art of tattoo. Sprayed specialize in it all black and gray work, color, realism, script, etc.

For our specialty custom work, our artists prefer to work by appointment so that we can take the time needed to carefully prepare and give our full focus to each individual project.

Please feel free to contact us today! (614) 584-8390